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Advanced tool to operationalize precision agriculture. Achieving better results in the various types of agricultural crops, and in a sustainable way, are the objectives of this project which uses the latest technologies to optimize production.

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O Futuro da Agricultura de Precisão

SmartFarming makes use of a wide range of technologies for the optimization of agricultural production. The project aims to develop an innovative agronomic management tool that will, on the one hand, simplify agricultural processes and, on the other hand, optimize them.

Project Solution

SmartFarming & ProdFarmer – Creation of technological solutions of operational management for the Agricultural sector.

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ProdFarmer contacts

Edifício Inov.Point, sala 2.16 – Tagusvalley – Tecnopolo do Vale do Tejo
Rua José Dias Simão, Alferrarede – 2200-062 Abrantes

Email: info@prodfarmer.com

The Future of Precision Agriculture

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